The influence of reading in the art of writing

The influence of reading in the art of writing is immense. The writing process is thorough and, for some, a gift. It is not simple, but for certain writers it can be a very natural process.

Writing involves a set of factors: good grammar, cohesion, consistency and, among other things, good content. In all these elements, the act of reading has much to contribute.

There are people who love to write, but they do not have the habit of reading. So if you ask if you can write a lot by reading a little, the answer is yes. However, the quality of the writing of those who read little can be compromised – or at least inferior to what it could be.

How does reading influence writing?

If you write and are already a frequent reader, you may not have realized how much reading influences you. Perhaps. But if you still do not have the habit of reading constantly, try getting started. Surely the change will be noticeable!

Among the many benefits that reading can bring to writing, we will score some of the most important.


A rich vocabulary is at our disposal! We can write with much more refinement, propriety and depth if we make use of the possibilities presented through contact with reading.


As we read, we begin to internalize the orthographic rules naturally through our visual memory. However, it is important that good works are selected to assist in this goal.

Many had difficulties with spelling before the New Spelling Agreement, after it came into force, the disarray seems to have increased. As it has been a long time that the publications are in accordance with the New Spelling, keeping up with the reading can help in the domain of these updates.

If doubts remain, we can count on the incredible possibility of making a quick query in online dictionaries.

Cohesion and Coherence

Many people have great stories and ideas to share, but that alone is not enough. Sometimes, everything is very clear in our mind, but, after writing, the result is not always so satisfactory. One of the reasons for this impasse may be the lack of cohesion or coherence in the text.

If you find it hard to connect your ideas and make them logical and clear content, reading other texts can help you. It is enough to observe closely how the other authors construct and organize their textual production. There are several ways to perform this process, so identifying how they are worked on in other texts can broaden their possibilities

The article “After all, what is coherence and cohesion?” May help you to understand a little more about this question.

Writing Style

Reading can also enrich the style of your writing. So read prose, poetry, fiction, romance, articles, chronicles, as many genres as you can. Each writer has a style of his own. As you read your texts, you will naturally realize that your writing will become more fluid; you will gain more security and agility in writing.

If I only know one style of writing, mine, I’m limited to it. But if I have contact with other styles, I can improve my own.


Reading allows us to get in touch with diverse cultures; allows access to worlds little explored by us. In this way, it is possible to broaden horizons and have new insights. The more we read, the more our creativity is stimulated.

Already the saying goes: “nothing is created, everything is copied”. Creativity is nothing more than a construction of ideas, which can be greatly enriched when we have a greater range of references to inspire us.

In conclusion, reading only has to contribute to our writing!

What is the biggest benefit that reading has brought to your writing? Feel free to share with us.

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